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Sean Stevens and Jordan Goldberg



Chicago, Illinois

ARTONIC charente libre

Sean Stevens and Jordan Goldberg are a cocktail-making duo from Chicago, Illinois. From 2016-2019, they collaboratively directed the bar at the acclaimed Boka Restaurant in Chicago. After traveling extensively in Europe to research and hone their craft, they’ve been working on independent spirit and cocktail consulting projects, both in Chicago and abroad. In addition to these efforts, Jordan is currently working as a bartender at Monteverde Restaurant and Pastificio, while Sean just opened the bar at Porto Chicago. With over 17 years of bartending experience between them, in both fine restaurants and exclusive cocktail bars, these two are slowly piecing together a bar and distillery of their own.

Their philosophy revolves around respectfully using artisanal spirits and natural products. Flavors are always composed according to the seasons, with a focus on local and unique ingredients. They use without reservation anything they can’t make themselves, within reason. They regularly work with raw herbs, spices, roots, fruits and vegetables to craft their bespoke cocktails. Sean brings with him years of experience in fermenting and pickling foods, while Jordan is equipped with a thorough knowledge of preserving and liquefaction processes. Together they have designed a unique approach to cocktail-making which they refer to as “utilitarian.” What matters most is that what’s in the glass tastes good. Aesthetics are secondary, though not forsaken.

Together, they aim to create authentic experiences that stimulate emotional responses and connections through cocktails. “Every ingredient has a story, and at the end of the day, we are storytellers.”

Cockail creation : The Charente Libre