The ARTONIC collection of premium organic mixers was created by three beverage professionals from the Cognac region of France, where “Excellence-in-a-Glass” has for centuries set the gold standard for the making of fine spirits. The savoir-faire intrinsic to outstanding beverage production is so far-reaching in Cognac that the line between what is art and what is artisanal has been all but eliminated. This expertise is so deeply woven into our region’s cultural identity that more than 50% of the world’s super premium spirits are produced here in what is now known as “Spirits Valley”.

As long-standing participants in this region’s activity, we were well positioned and uniquely qualified to develop our exceptional mixers. We have adapted our work methods to apply the same specialized and qualitative approaches practiced in spirit production to create tonics and sodas made to respect and harmonize with the signature aromatic profiles of the finest spirits. 

The ARTONIC brand represents the fundamental connection between artisan and artist—craft and art—and the savoir-faire, passion and humanity that define and drive their creativity. ARTONIC is the fruit of the collaboration between an artisan and an artist who have combined their inspiration and skills to create a line of mixers which, thanks to their original and singular flavor profiles, are inspiring bartenders and chefs to create cocktails, mocktails and food pairings that are uniquely inventive.