Created by Sean Stevens and Jordan Goldberg
Chicago, Illinois  ▶︎


  • 45 ml Pineau des Charentes
  • 15 ml Cognac
  • 3 ml Tatratea Original
  • 3 ml Birkir Snaps*
  • 5 ml de Verjus
  • 90 ml ARTONIC Indian Tonic Water

Build in stirring vessel, stir, pour and add tonic.
Garnish with orange and lemon peel.

*Icelandic snaps made with birch wood.
Birkir Snaps can be replaced by a birch bark tincture:
30 g fresh, peeled white birch bark infused into 250 ml of neutral spirit (>40% abv) for 2 weeks. Fine strain before use. Go to a forest, or somewhere free of chemicals and pesticides to harvest the birch bark, and rinse it heavily before drying and using.