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Alexis Arteil



Email : contact.arteilalexis@gmail.com 

I have been in the bar business since I was 18 years old. I became interested in mixology and customer contact at a very young age as well. I honed my craft  in restaurants, hotels as well as popular bars. Cuisine and baking have been key factors of my inspiration when creating cocktails. It’s such a vast universe, where everyone can find their place, and there is no limit. I’ve always enjoyed making “minute cocktails”, which means asking my customers for two ingredients or characteristics they would like and surprising them with a new cocktail!

For my cocktail creation I present to you OWAK, a cocktail created for the semi-final of the Bartenders On Line Challenge with Artonic’s Lemongrass Soda. An elegant cocktail with energy and an overflowing freshness!