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Larry Skoller




Larry Skoller is a musician and three-time Grammy-nominated music producer. His work in the music business includes: musician, producer, artistic director, record label president; festival creation and music education. He is also the President and Co-founder of Maison Artonic.

In 2001, his concert touring led him to perform at the Cognac Blues Passions Festival, and in 2002, he moved to Cognac. His longtime interest in wine and spirits led him to co-found the company Family Tradition Cognac, which exports artisanal, family-made vine-to-bottle cognac to the United States. Since then, Larry’s music career has overlapped with a parallel career in the spirits and beverage business.  
Larry explains it is through his work as a musician and producer that he was able to discover similarities between making great cognac and great music. He understood how much there is in common between artistic and artisanal commitment. Where craft—technique, science, mathematics…—intersects with the creative impulse, with the spiritual, with passion and human commitment, all the elements that make something truly original happen.
It is through this journey that helped lead to Artonic’s philosophy and identity. Artonic celebrates the crossroads where artists and artisans become kindred spirits and the line between artist and artisan become blurred, and sometimes, are one and the same. 
Larry shares a video clip of the Grammy-nominated group, Heritage Blues Orchestra. HBO is a group he assembled and produced that brought together French and American artists to form a band that was celebrated internationally and who toured the world for a number years.